Founded in 2007 by Thibault, Abstrusa Unde is the result of a quest for several musical styles integration into a single entity. This project has been initially built to record a 70 minutes music piece based on the Orpheus Myth, exploring various musical landscapes from electro-jazz to black metal. The line-up included guitars, drums, keyboards, male and female singers, but also classical instruments such as violins and a cello.

After nearly two years of work, the project seemed too ambitious for the group and was abandoned. Excerpts from "Orfeo" were recorded on a demo in June 2008.

After a few lineup changes, Abstrusa Unde is back to work on new compositions less complex technically but still favoring the mixing of multiple influences. "Introspection", our first long-length recording, is showing several musical directions that we will continue to develop in the next album.