Atrorum is the eerie playground of umbrA (Nebelkrähe, Dryad's Tree, Rapid, Azavatar, etc.) and vatroS (Rapid, beNUTS, Dryad's Tree, etc.) where they can devote themselves to their love for complex arrangements in the dark/black/avantgarde realm of metal.

Founded in 2003, the first two albums were self-producced and appeared in 2004 and 2006. 'Exhibition', the latter installment, brought along first negotiations with record labels. Yet, due to the other musical projects and personal reasons, AtroruM was hibernated in 2007.

Four years later, AtroruM was reborn. After a few composing sessions, the path was laid for the third album. After intensive recording sessions AtroruM entered the Iguana Studios and mixed and mastered their new album with Christoph Brandes. A deal for the album was forged with French Avantgarde label Apathia Records, and 'structurae' has been released worldwide in November 2015.