Como Muertos is a French band with Spanish vocalist and lyrics mixing some extreme catchy music with false blood visual and attraction for oldschool horror movies.

The history of the band started in 2007 with D on drums, El Doctor on guitars and bass and El Maestro on vocals. First aim being world domination they quickly returned to a more appropriate goal of playing music and released the same year a first EP which received a very good feedback.

After an enlistment campaign, Como Muertos bribed Kronos drummer El Artillero to replace D. and Gorio (bass) and Adrien (guitar) to join forces. The band recorded another EP in May 2008 before entering the studio in January 2009 to record their first album, making the choice of a powerful but natural production true to their musical background.

After some successful gigs and a first album now out, Como Muertos had to give back their drummer to Kronos and abduct El Satanico from Impureza to replace him. Also as they were lost and driving in a village in the middle of France, a weird lumberjack stopped the van claiming he was the second guitarist the band needed, which actually was so true. So, with more anger and hunger, Como Muertos have their bloody decors in the van and dismembered arms under