DRONTE : [dʁɔ̃t] m.n. (latin Raphus cucullatus) More commonly known as "dodo", the Dronte is a species of large bird endemic to Mauritius, akin to pigeons and belonging to the family of raphids. Discovered in 1598, he was described as slow, fat and not fleeing the man. As with many animals that evolved separately from important predators, the dodo had developed no fear of humans, and this, in addition to its inability to fly, made it an easy prey for humans (although being a meat of very bad taste).

Based near Paris in France, Dronte is the gathering of seven musicians, producing, with acoustic instruments, a music with the aesthetic of Metal music, but very far from the classics of this genre, not hesitating to mix atmospheric and melodic passages with noise, massive, or even aggressive parts.