Helioss is a melodic black/death metal project born in 2010.

Being the sole permanent member as well as the project founder, Nicolas Muller’s goal is to bring powerful songs where neoclassical and symphonic influences intertwine.
Helioss blends extreme metal with melodies that come from both heavy metal and classical music. Every guitar and bass track is played by Nicolas who also writes both music and lyrics in their entirety. Helioss released its first 40-minute EP entitled “Confessions” in 2010, featuring Pierre Jourdan-Gassin from Unchained on vocal duties. Helioss’s ambition on that 6-track record was to bring to the world its vision of a blend of black/death metal influences with baroque and orchestral elements. Then came the first self-produced album in 2012 entitled “The Forthcoming Darkness”. Thirteen tracks of an aggressive and ambitious neoclassical black/death metal, taking the blend between the melodic flair of classical music and the sheer power of metal to another level.

Helioss came back in 2015 with another self-produced album (“One With the Sun”) and a new singer, D.M, also known for his work in bands such as Wrath From Above, Paupiettes, Gastropode or DirtyProtest. This new album featured eleven tracks of pure, powerful, melodic and extreme metal, bringing together once again black, death and neoclassical metal, D.M’s powerful growls adding a darker touch to the mix. A few guests could be heard on that album such as Aurélien Fouet-Barak (Assent, ex-Human Vacuum) or Helioss’s first singer Pierre Jourdan-Gassin.

Helioss released a new album in March 2017 - “Antumbra” - through Apathia Records.