Heptaedium is a musical project born in 2012 from a Dragon Ball Z-like fusion between a Man and a Traditional Baguette, which costs a bit more than a « classical » one, under the pretext they are baked in an electric fixed deck oven, with cooking chambers caused by resistors, electronic control panels, and automated heat exhaust valves.

Heptaedium will make you travel as much in the hell of his sick brain as in Rick Astley’s restaurant, with his music with the rhythms from the outer space (most probably from Omicron Persei 8) and the scalloped melodies representing, on a metaphorical plane, a vertical geometric figure producing a panoramic effect modeled by a black body at 5800 kelvins feeding, for example, on a certain number of observables such as the energy emitted by an atom in the wider impact of a deterministic system with variable duality.

In the end, Heptaedium’s biography is useless, but, honestly, do you miss reading « this is their best album to date ! » ?