Orakle has always been about exploring, putting into perspective and even blurring the edges of the metal genre. Along the years, the band originating from the Paris suburbs patiently assembled the pieces of a very personal and multi-faceted approach to extreme music.

Starting back in the middle of the 90’s, under the impulse of 14 yo friends Pierre Pethe (aka. Clevdh) and Frederic Gervais (aka. Achernar), it’s only in 2002, with the self-produced EP ‘‘L’ineffable émoi’’, that Orakle lays the foundation stone of
their style: an epic, sophisticated black-metal built on contrasts and atmospheres, with French lyrics exclusively.

In 2005, debut album ‘‘Uni aux cimes’’ takes the intensity of their music a step further, revealing Orakle in its rawest, most extreme shape. Three years later, the band gets signed by Holy Records and releases its second effort: the critically acclaimed ‘‘Tourments & Perdition’’, featuring refined, progressive and challenging black-metal. With a growing fanbase, Orakle then performs at numerous venues and festivals, including Hellfest in 2009.

This chapter closed, the band deliberately slips away from the scene, aiming at different aesthetics and more audacious creative forms for their next album.

Now 2015... Orakle signs with Apathia Records and is ready to release ‘‘Éclats’’. Five years of work have been necessary to achieve this third album, where the sophisticated extreme metal of the beginning merges with a more tortuous and experimental metal, but also in a progressive rock with almost pop notes. Recorded and mixed in Henosis Studio by Frederic Gervais, featuring stunning artwork from French sculptor Robert Le Lagadec.
‘‘Éclats’’ will be out on May 11th.