Pryapisme still doesn’t know how to write a biography since 2000, despite the daily advices from a dozen of communication consultants.

Pryapisme still is the true definition of a band with a tragic journey : A failed career in the professional table football league, followed by an eviction from the board of a major petroliferous company, to end up being the only men to have nearly died of leucosis by systematically accompanying their Burgundy beef with cat urine.

Some members are even digging deeper by wearing mustache, long hairs or arboring flabby nails. There’s even an almost bald redhead. In other words, a grenadine diabolo might not be enough to pick up girls. So, Pryapisme prefers spending their time with small cats, and getting hugs on a tubby couch in exchange of a few music notes. This is now their only social bond.

On stage, it’s almost like a 10-years old child raised by Saint Seiya was trying to play a DragonForce track on Guitar Hero while eating a pizza with extra cheese. There are failures, but it’s really funny.

Yet, they still didn’t understand that their music is vowed to commercial failure and will end up lost in the digital limbo, the place where some obscure and forgotten bands are only listened by a bunch of theoreticians of the vacuum.