Sollertia is the result of the meeting between VoA VoXyD (composer and leader of Ad Inferna from 1996 to 2014) and James Fogarty (In The Woods...’ singer, multi-instrumentist in Ewigkeit).

Ad Inferna was brought to the spotlight in the Black Metal in 2000 with their debut album « L’Empire des Sens » released first by Last Episode, then by Silverdust, a sub-division of Metal Blade. The album is very well received and the band start touring with Mystic Circle, Windir, Empyrium, Falkenbach etc...

Ad Inferna, formed by ex-Seth’ singer « VV Arkames » and VoA VoXyD (ex V. Orias A.), decides to join Vratyas Vakyas and its new-born label Skaldic Art. The planned album will never see the light of day because of various problems between their first label Last Episode and their respective bands. Seven years after, Ad Inferna comes back with a new album, in a new genre, released by Aural Music (Code 666, DreamCell 11). The band decides then to release more albums, their swansong being the fantastic « Opus 7: Elevation », marking the band’s end.

VoA VoXyD steped aside his electronic influences to come back to his roots and form Sollertia with James Fogarty, who recorded « Light » a few weeks after the recording of « Pure », the new album by cult Norwegian Avantgarde band In The Woods..., 17 years after the marvelous « Strange in Stereo » and 20 years after « Omnio », now seen as one of the greatest Avantgarde Metal album.