W.E.B. is a Dark / Black / Death / Goth Metal band based in the ashes of Athens - Greece.

The Fall of 2002AD was the time that the idea of W.E.B. was born and started to take a lifeform shape from an embryonic state to a music challenge expressing darkness and death through adrenaline and poetry.
An expression both straight but at the same time theatrical. W.E.B. is here to move you, provoke you, and invite you to the journey through ravendark starless nights with a fire made of Metal music.

2002: W.E.B. is formed.

2003-2004 : Rehearsals and search for band members to complete the line up + Promo CD is recorded.

2005 : First gig abroad with Orphaned Land in Sofia Bulgaria. Signed a record deal with Sleaszy Rider Records. The first album is recorded in Fragile Sound Studios – Athens (GR). The first video clip of the band is filmed for the song “Cockroach”.

2006 : On January the debut album “Don’t Wake Futility” is released. Great welcome from the press (both music oriented and not). Metal Hammer Greece honors the band with a cover on Horror (Metal Hammer’s index). Made a mini tour with To/Die/For and several one-off gigs to promote the album.

2007 : The band composes and records their second album in Scythe Noise Lab – Athens (GR) and went off to mix it at Fredman Studios (SE) with Fredrik Nordstrom. Later on filmed two video clips for the songs “Enthorned” and “Blossoms Cry”.

2008 : On May the second album of W.E.B. is released with the title “Jesus Heist”. Very good critics about the album. Got the 8th place of sales in metal music albums in Greece. The band gets to have another cover for Horror of Metal Hammer. First part of the Sinful Jesus Greek Tour with Inactive Messiah takes place. Also first headline show in Cyprus ends 2008 the best way possible.

2009 : The band takes the 4rth place in « Best Greek Metal Band for 2008 » by the vote of Greek Metal Hammer’s readers.
Second part of the Sinful Jesus Greek Tour starts on spring. In June W.E.B. join Forces with Septic Flesh, Inactive Messiah and Dimlight on the Greek Alliance Eastern European Tour, the first tour in Europe with a bill of Greek bands only.

2010 : The band takes an intermission and starts working on the compositions of their third strike.

2011 : Participated in The Great Mass French Tour 2011 with Septic Flesh, Svart Crown & Valet Parn and just before that played in Durbuy Open Air Festival 2011 in Belgium along with Septic Flesh, Celtic Frost and more. At the same time W.E.B. has entered the Devasoundz Studios - Athens (GR) to record the third album.

2012: W.E.B. cooporate with Daniel Castleman of Lambesis Studios - USA for the mix and mastering of their third album and on 12.12.12 they release « My Storm Upon You » EP

2014: Third album « For Bidens » is released by No Regrets Records. The band opens for Dark Tranquility in a mini tour and headlines the UK, Greece and Cyprus on its first headline tour.

2015: Composing the fourth album and joining Warrel Dane on stage as an opening act within his Dead Heart in a Dead World anniversary tour.

2016: W.E.B. enter Devasoundz Studios again to record the fourth album.

2017: W.E.B. ink a record deal with Apathia Records and release « Tartarus » full length album