Weeping Birth is an extreme metal entity originating from Switzerland and lead by only one man: Vladimir. Influenced by a very wide range of formations, may they be metal or not, the music created evolves within a very fast death metal style, strongly influenced by black metal consonances. It was formed in 1999, year in which the first demo "Officium Tenebrarum" was recorded. Its reception was excellent throughout the underground press.

The process of writing and recording the first album took four long years. It is only in 2003 that "A Painting of Raven and Rape" saw the light.

The years that followed were very chaotic. New material should have been released on vinyl in 2006 by a more noise-oriented label, but for tragic reasons, the project could not and did not succeed. In the meantime, new songs had been produced as well and were ready to be released. But disappointed by the failure that had been the year 2006, and therefore lacking energy, Weeping Birth was put on an undetermined hiatus.

Rising back from the ashes, all the songs of the past years were compiled into one album that was released in Sprint 2008. Its name is "Anosognosic Industry of the I": nearly 80 minutes of raw hatred.

In 2015, Weeping Birth made an unexpected come back with the super-brutal "The Crushed Harmony".