New website & projects !

Wednesday 04 October 2017, 9:29

Apathia Records is -finally- getting a brand new website !

A few months ago, we already changed our logo, reflecting our real identity : we're definitively not 100% Metal.We listen to many other things, and we might do non-Metal releases if we find a great artist / band we want to promote.
Actually, we already started this with the release of Erdh's EP "Sideremesis" in 2015, a depressing journey in a dark city.

Following this new website, we will focus our work on many other things, besides our artists, of course.
We want to help all artists, not only the ones we sign, in a way that -seems to- hadn't been done yet in the greedy world of the Music industry. Sure, we launched our Public Relations branch, but it's still a paid service, and we think there is a way to do some things with no costs.

Stay tuned !