Pryapisme to release « Epic Loon OST » next month !

Thursday 08 March 2018, 18:00

Sweet kittens of Pryapisme will release a special album next month, on April 13th, their very first Original Soundtrack for a video game !

The game is called « Epic Loon », and will be released on Steam, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, watch the OST trailer below, featuring images from the game.

All music from this album was created for the game « Epic Loon » : A game published by Ukuza, produced by Macrales Studio, co-produced by Shibuya Production and supported by CNC and Pictanovo.
More infos on :

But there's more ! In this future video game masterpiece (we tried it), you will be able to select this character, and play with it :

So, are you hyped now ?