Wheelfall releases surprise remix album of "The Atrocity Reports" featuring Ez3kiel, Tachyon Sea, Zus... And a new video !

Friday 15 March 2019, 9:00

WHEELFALL have released a surprise remix album of their 2017's album "The Atrocity Reports", simply called "The Atrocity Reports - Remix Album".

This album features remixes by multiples artists, including one by Zero Gravity, a member of Ez3kiel, which is featured in a new video, directed by Fabien W. Furter, as usual :

The full album can be listened on Bandcamp and on all digital networks (Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music...), the artwork can be seen below :

Here is the full tracklist : 

  1. Violence is Seduction [Remix By Tachyon Sea]
  2. Violence is Seduction [Remix by Zhinomi]
  3. The Way To Every Crime Is Ours [Remix by Zus]
  4. Violence is Seduction [Remix by Zero Gravity from EZ3kiel]
  5. BLCKBL RMX [Remix by Mystic Cave Productions]
  6. There is No You RMX [Remix by M.O.K.O]
  7. Violence Is Seduction (Are You Serious RMX) [Remix by Zus]