Wheelfall unveils guitar playthrough for « Nothing For Worms »

Thursday 12 July 2018, 18:00

Wheelfall has just unveiled a playthrough for the song « Nothing For Worms » by guitarists Florian Rambour and Thibault Thieblemont.

Watch it now on YouTube :

« Nothing For Worms » is extracted from their latest album « The Atrocity Reports », which was released on October 6th last year.

Following the idea of music as a part of a greater whole, concept started with their 2015’s album « Glasrew Point », Wheelfall mixes heavy post metal music with industrial and disturbing sounds, grueling videos and strange dark stories, felling like Gaspard Noé’s Irreversible in a Cronenberg universe.

« The Atrocity Reports » is a thick, deep and violent musical fog from which you won’t escape.