Player A with control pad : Ban Bardiaux (L.1)
Player B with light phaser : Nico Sénac (L.5)
Player C with control sticks : Aymeric Thomas (L. 2 / 4 / 6)
Guest joystick : Alex Peronny (L.3)

All levels originally arranged by Pryapisme. Chiptune version by player C

1/5/6 from "Rococo Holocaust"
2/3/4 from "Hyperblast Supercollider"

Specifications :
Nes with Midines
Gameboy with Nanoloop
Commodore 64 with Mssiah and Cynthcart
Atari 2600 with Synthcart
Plogue Chipsound
Texas instruments 's Speak and spell

Cartridge layout by Jehan Fillat